BRAND ACADEMY: Qtr 2 Goal Planning

BRAND ACADEMY: Qtr 2 Goal Planning

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Brand Academy Goal Setting is for registered paid goal seekers.  This group will run from April 15 through June 30, 2018.  

This group will help you establish goals and achieve them in an orderly and sensible way.  To register

Did you set goals at the beginning of the year or last week (side-eye) and you have already abandoned the process of achieving them for one reason (or excuse) or another? Have you put those poor goals the resolutions graveyard with the others from past years?

Are you just STUCK and know that you want to do but get caught up in the daydreaming, waiting for the right time, or the details of it and find it easier to quit! 

Whether it's to lose the weight, write the book, move on from a dead relationship, or move across the country it's all up to YOU on whether you will achieve your goals! If you really desire a shift in your life you must commit to the shift in your life, business, and/or lifestyle! 

The 90 Day Goal Setting group is the perfect solution to help you not only develop your goals but stay committed to them. 
I am going to share you with you 5 ways to establish your goals for the next 90 Days. 

I have to tell you as a former Drill Sergeant and veteran I don't allow you to quit! I am positioned to help you manifest the most authentic version of yourself! Once you are operating in your authentic self you will experience a shift in your money, mindset, and your life. 

REMEMBER: Stop trying to prove your haters wrong and START PROVING YOURSELF RIGHT!!!

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♥ LaTaye